Our system runs on

Meta Oculus Quest 2

Microsoft HoloLens 2

Android Mobile 

Windows VR

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01. Aroaro XR Environment

Aroaro means ‘Presence’ in Maori.

We are developing a Distributed Extended-reality (XR) Environment, which supports immersive analytics, multiple users, and all applications. 

Browse more about XR and the system architecture. 


02. Application

Once you understand XR and Aroaro’s purpose. Do you wanna get more inspiration to imagine what XR and Aroaro can produce? 

Check out few Applications of Aroaro!


03. Publications

We are excited to share our work with the world and looking forward to discussing with researchers, business professionals, educators and students who are passionate about the edged technology and applications. 

Check out conferences we will participant or already attended. Watch the demos and recordings. Read our published papers! Enjoy and let’s talk! 🙂


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04. Immersive Analytics & Experiment

Part of our research is around with IA. We are running experiments to study how XR and IA supports a better decision making process for business users. 

Check out what is IA and know more about our experiment; or, become our participants! 



who we are

What We Do


We study on Immersive Analytics, Extended-reality (XR), data visualsiaton and other interesting XR topics


We develop Aroaro XR client to support multiple XR applications such as Data visualisaiton and Virtual Retial Space. 


We enjoy collabrating with other parties and very open to talk about our work. 


We aim to develop a better immersive world for data-driven innovation.

What Drives Us

Our Mission

Develop a better immersive world to reimagine data-driven innovation.

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